North American Martyrs Monthly Church Cleaning


To once a month thoroughly clean the church and greeting areas within the church.

There are 4 church cleaning crews composed of both men and women of our parish; each crew cleans every fourth month on usually the fourth Saturday of that month.


Each crew cleans the church sanctuary, narthex, chapel, choir loft, and family room on the Saturday of their designated month. Anyone wishing to help clean may call the crew leader and join the crew that best fits their schedule. It usually takes about an hour and a half to clean each month.

Crew Leaders – Cleaning Months and Times 2019-20

Gabriel Lalemant Group
Leaders: Audra Hoffschneider, Pamela Simanek, Karla Hartz
September 21, 2019
January 18, 2020
May 16, 2020
Noel Chabanel Group
Leaders: Mike & Alicia Hardin
October 19, 2019
February 15, 2020
June 20, 2020
Anthony Daniel Group
Leaders: Diane Schneider and Kevin Wenzl
November 16, 2019
March 21, 2020
July 18, 2020
Charles Garnier Group
Leader: Jennifer Wilson
August 17, 2019
December 21, 2019
April 18, 2020
Additional Information

We have approximately 100 members who help clean the church – 25 each month.

We welcome any amount of help whether that is on a month-by-month basis or an annual commitment to a specific crew.

Hours spent cleaning count towards volunteer hours for parents with children at NAM School or for Pius X students who need service hours.

Please call the Parish Office at 402-476-8088 ext. 5 with questions.