Bible Study Series

Dive into the Word

Come and meet Jesus in his word

The idea behind these Bible Study Series is to give everyone an opportunity to dive into the Bible. People who attend come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some are brand new to the Bible. Others are seasoned learners with years of study under their belts. Many are somewhere in between; they’ve heard the readings at Mass but have never really studied the Bible. 

No matter where you are at in your familiarity with the Bible, you are welcome. 

Come, learn, discuss, and get to know the God who speaks to us in scripture.  



These Bible study series are co-ed and open to anyone. You’re welcome to bring a friend or even your teen. Each week you’ll have some reading to do and questions to consider. When you come to Bible study, we’ll begin with group discussions about the readings and then move into a presentation on the readings.

Coffee and snacks are provided.

Oh, and everything completely free.

Past studies

The Gospel of John

The Letters of St. Paul

First Corinthians

The Psalms (podcast only)


Upcoming Series: Hebrews (after Easter)

On-the-go Bible Study Series

Lent with the Psalms

The Psalms are the life-blood of the Church’s prayer life. That is why, this Lent, we are offering an on-the-go type of Bible study series on the Psalms! But we won’t try and cover all 150 of them. Instead we’ll be focusing in on those psalms which we’ll pray together at each Sunday Mass of Lent. The hope is that you’ll find at least one thing in these brief reflections that you can take to prayer. And that this prayer will make your Lent all the more fruitful. You can listen to each episode below. Or if you prefer to read, the transcripts are available, too. So go on and dive into the Psalms.