Dive deeper. Learn broader. Serve richer.

Be formed in prayer and Christian discipleship in a cohort of other committed Christians. Equip is structured around four teaching dinners and one weekend retreat spread out across a semester. While open to anyone, Equip is intended for those who are already formed in the essentials of the faith (through RCIA, Foundations, or something similar)

In more depth

The Goal of equp is to

1) provide deeper catechesis on doctrine and scripture while also

2) educating and forming participants in prayer and living the Christian life (specifically, the discernment of charisms and the work of evangelization).

The retreat (Friday evening to Sunday Morning)

The retreat will give special attention to dimensions of discipleship not covered by the dinners. The idea of the retreat is to provide space for participants to 1) get to know better Jesus and the demands of discipleship, and 2) to be inspired to live the life of discipleship. To meet the first aim, the talks and meditations will follow the life of Jesus in one of the Gospels while drawing out the implications for discipleship. To meet the second, the retreat will feature guest speakers to share about how they have been led by the Lord to use their gifts in service of others.

Equip Schedule

Dinner 1 (Sept): Developing a Prayer Life

Dinner 2 (Oct): Scripture and Lectio Divina

Retreat (Oct): The Life of Discipleship

Dinner 3 (Nov): Charisms of the Holy Spirit

Dinner 4 (Dec): Evangelization

Dinner Format

5:30 – 7:00 Dinner and discussion

7:00 – 7:45 Catechetical talk

7:45 – 9:00 Discussion, prayer

9:00 End

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If you have any questions about Equip, contact Mark Heffley at mark-heffley@cdolinc.net or 402 – 476 – 8088