North American Martyrs Parish Council

The primary purpose of the Parish Council is to advise and assist the pastor on the development and execution of pastoral priorities for the parish.

More specifically, the council should help the pastor discern the pastoral vision for the parish, identify pastoral needs, plan and implement pastoral programs and services, evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and services with a view to their improvement, substitution or termination, and encourage more active and fruitful participation among the members of the church.

If you have suggestions for the Parish Council, please contact one of the following:


Fr. Hall

Sr. Janelle Buettner

Steve Douglas

Terri Murray

Craig Matulka

Don Mazour

Ranee Hellbusch

Shannon Schroeder

Barb Schepers

Dan Kindschuh

Heather Schlautman

Shawn Labadie

Anna Pham

Benjamin Stech

Greg Bousquet

Jolene Egelhoff