Faculty & Staff

Listed below is our North American Martyrs Catholic School 2017-2018 staff with their contact information.

Contact Faculty & Staff

During the school year, parents may leave messages for the teachers by calling the school office (402-476-7373) between 7:30am and 3:30pm. Calls will be returned at the earliest convenience.

Email can be sent to the office:
Sr.Janelle-Buettner@cdolinc.net or
tracy-plautz@cdolinc.net or melissa-peters@cdolinc.net

Parents may communicate with teachers by email, but please understand that during the school day, our faculty is busy instructing our students and may not immediately respond to email.

If there are classroom concerns about a student, parents should work directly with the classroom teacher before contacting the administration.

Parents are reminded to be considerate of the home life of our teachers and staff, and avoid making unnecessary calls to their homes.

Email is not considered private communication.Therefore, out of respect for students and their family and to uphold confidentiality, teachers will not respond to questions/concerns regarding student behavior or grades by email.

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School Principal

Sister Janelle Buettner, M.S.


Father Nathan Hall

Assistant to the Principal

Suzie Schlautman


Lori Wells


Melissa Peters


Tracy Plautz


Mary McMichen

Preschool A

PKA- Michelle Wemhoff

Preschool B

PKB- Diann Kroos


KA – Maria Stitt


KB – Katie Guenther


KC – Maria Flink

1st Grade

1A – Heather Bohnenstingl

1st Grade

1B – Sheila Terrell

2nd Grade

2A – Marsha Peters

2nd Grade

2B – Summer Utrup

3rd Grade

3A – Ken Salvi

3rd Grade

3B – Elaine Simpson

4th Grade

4A – Carolyn Soukup

4th Grade

4B – Nicole Stadler

5th Grade

5A – Lily Mai

5th Grade

5B – Luke Fehringer

6th Grade

6A – Ashley Schaffer

6th Grade

6B – Sarah Fitzgerald

7th Grade

7A – Lizzie DeWispelare

7th Grade

7B –Sarah Kottwitz

8th Grade

8A – Kristin Unger

8th Grade

8B – Amy Beying


Crystal Gose


Allison Worden


Michael Lucas

Resource Teacher

Kaye Kreikemeier


Jill West


Mr. Jared Wilhelm