The North American Martyrs PTO is dedicated to:

Continual improvement in the educational experience in the life of the school; Open communication between parents and teachers; The creation of opportunities for social interaction between families, teachers, administration and staff; providing a forum to showcase the talents and accomplishments of the children; and to raise funds for the accomplishment of these objectives and other needs of the school.


All families who have children attending North American Martyrs School are members of the NAM PTO.


PTO Board meetings are generally held on the second Sunday of each month, at 5:00 P.M. Four general membership meetings are held during the school year.


  • Social events (school swim party, school dances, skating parties)
  • Nights Out at local restaurants
  • Landscaping and grounds keeping projects
  • Mayfair
  • Teacher enrichment funds
  • Gifts to teachers throughout the year
  • Pius Scholarships
  • Classroom volunteer coordination
  • Athletic event volunteer coordination
  • Christmas Program support
  • Science Fair support
  • Fundraising to support various academic, extracurricular and security projects
  • Donations to the School Endowment Fund

Contacts for 2019-2020


Father Brian Connor


Sister Janelle Buettner

Finance Manager

Connie Stephens


Joe and Debbie Brandl

Grounds Coordinator

Josh and Katie Rector



Mayfair Coordinator

Brandon and Ashley Ortiz
Parents of Justin (3rd grade), Jackson (1st grade) and Hannah

Mayfair Raffle Coordinator

Lee and Melissa Peters


Brandon and Erin Hart

Social Coordinator

Trevor and Shannon Nebesniak


Athletic Coordinator #2

Dustin and Karissa Murphy

Teacher Representative

Sheila Terrell

Fundraising Coordinator

Rob and Noelle Sides