2021 Weekly Calendar Winners 

Sunday, September 19: Larry Schneider

Monday, September 20: Jen Cook

Tuesday, September 21: Mrs. Thanh Pham

Wednesday, September 22: Oliver Hart

Thursday, September 23: Gary Bredehoft

Friday, September 24: Linda Laird

Saturday, September 25: Bridget Shelden

PTO sponsors “Martyrs’ Nights Out”

A “Night Out” is held each month during the school year, and is an easy way to help the PTO raise funds.

A local restaurant donates a portion of their sales during specific hours on a particular night.

Students from a particular classroom work shifts during the Night Out, helping to bus and clean the tables.

This is a great way to enjoy a Night Out with the family and at the same time raise money for our school!

Watch the school newsletter and website for the restaurants and dates, and please remember to use Scrip whenever possible!

PTO Fall and Spring Fundraisers

PTO also holds fall and spring fundraisers. The fall fundraiser is a Calendar Lottery, and in the spring we generally have the “Walk with Jesus” has been the fundraiser.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Click here for information about the ongoing fundraisers with BoxTops Labels.


Scrip is an important fundraiser for our Parish, and during the school year, we have a “Scrip Challenge”, in an effort to encourage families to try and to continue using Scrip.

For the Scrip Challenge, we set a reasonable goal of Scrip purchased (an average per student).  Scrip orders are assigned (on the order form) to particular students and their classrooms, and those classrooms who meet and exceed their goals receive a reward.

We hope that all families try and continue to use Scrip!
We have more information about Scrip on our Parish website.


How to Order/Purchase Scrip

If you have a child who attends our school, you can send the order to school in the morning, and the student will bring it home that day. Please include the student’s name and grade on the envelope order form.

Scrip orders are filled during every weekend Mass.

The Scrip table is by the door to the Family Room.

Simply fill out the envelope (available at the Scrip table and through Parish and School office) and drop off, with payment included, before Mass begins, and pick it up when you leave.

You can also call the school or parish office to order and come in to pick it up.