Ongoing Fund-Raisers

The following programs are easy ways to raise money and earn educational items for our school by simply saving ‘Box Tops’, UPC codes and lids, or by designating our school to receive a percentage of your credit card purchases:

Box Tops For Education –

Box Tops for Education is a way for our school to earn cash by simply submitting “Box Tops” (the little Box Top picture) from various General Mills’ products.

Our school can earn up to $20,000 annually by sending these in, so we encourage you to realize every little bit helps, and it can add up very quickly.

“Box Tops” are found on cereal boxes, dairy products, meal mixes, baking goods, plastic storage bags, and many more products, and each one is worth $.10!


You can also earn eBox Tops by shopping online. Join the Box Tops marketplace and shop to earn for our school. Click here for Box Tops Marketplace Webpage.