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For those who are new to Catholicism or who need a "reboot" of their faith life

The Kerygma

The Catholic faith can seem large and confusing. But all the customs and beliefs of the Church are rooted in the basic Gospel message, the kerygma. This is the best place to begin for those completely new to Catholicism. It is also the best place to begin for Catholics who feel like their faith-life is more dead than alive. And don’t think of this as simply a beginner’s stage. It is the kerygma which the Apostles preached, which strengthened the martyrs, and which has brought about a radical life-change in countless people. Hear the kerygma at RCIA.

1. Attend RCIA

RCIA is the place to go to begin. Here, you will hear the basic Gospel message explained. You will also learn more about the large and sometimes confusing world of Catholicism.

Equally important, at RCIA you will meet other members of the parish and begin forming community.

Anyone is welcome at any time. And there is no commitment.


come and see

Wednesdays @ 6:00 pm

In the parish hall

2. Join in the community life

RCIA is not the only place to meet great people at Martyrs. And completing RCIA is not the end of the road in your faith journey. We at Martyrs want you to discover your gifts and put them to use in ministry. We want you to learn and pray and serve with us. But most importantly, we simply want you to share yourself with us. 

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