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Martyrs Youth Ministry



North American Martyrs CCD Program seeks to fulfill the mandate of Christ to teach the gospel to all people. (MT 28:18-20)

Open to any young people in 1st through 8th grade who attend public school or are homeschooled, CCD helps parents by offering classes on the Catholic faith.


When and where

CCD is every Wednesday from 6:00-7:30 pm during the school year in the parish school.

At the same time, RCIA is offered for adults. So feel free to drop your child off at CCD and then pop over to RCIA for some great classes and community.

How to sign up

We try to make it super easy to sign up for CCD. Just reach out to Carrie Odgaard at Carrie-Odgaard@cdolinc.net

GodTeens North American Martyrs


GodTeens is very much a biblical take on youth ministry. The early Christians, as we read in Acts, met together in each other’s homes and learned, prayed, and served together. Plus, we can imagine they also had some fun and simply enjoyed getting together. 

GodTeens follows this same plan. Teens get together regularly at a host couple’s house to learn, pray, and hang out together. It’s a great opportunity to make new friends, grow in your faith, have fun, get support as well as support others as you make your way through your high school years. 

Retreats and Camps

The Diocese of Lincoln offers a plethora of camps, retreats, trips and pilgrimages. These are great opportunities for young people to grow in their faith and form great friendships. Martyrs can help cover the cost if money is an obstacle. 

Hosted at Camp Kateri, these camps include SKY Camp, Leadership Camp, and Campin’ with the Marians.

These include the March for Life, Steubenville Conferences, World Youth Day, and the Diocesan Canoe Trip

For sophomores in high school up through sophomores in college, these weekend retreats are opportunities to encounter Christ.

This one-day event gives freshman students an opportunity to have a personal encounter with Jesus Christ through meditations and small groups.




Thank you for your interest in helping out! 

We like to have a team of committed adult volunteers we can call upon to help with transportation, chaperoning events, as well as whatever else might be helpful. 

In addition, each year we’re looking for a married couple to adopt that year’s high school class for GodTeens. This is an awesome opportunity to share the gospel, form the next generation, and have a lot of fun.



Scholarships Available 



Totus Tuus


SKY Camp




Niobrara Canoe Trip


Marian Camp


Leadership Camp


Steubenville Conference


Mission Trip


National March for Life



We at Martyrs never want money to be an obstacle and so we offer a variety of scholarships for parish and diocesan youth events and trips. 


Email tamra.tran@cdolinc.net the following:

  1. Personal information
    • Name 
    • Parent’s phone #
    • Grade level 
    • School name 
    • Extracurricular activities and clubs you’re involved in
    • GPA (for high school students)
  2. Short essay: include a short essay (300-500 words) introducing yourself and why attending the event is important to you.
  3. Personal reference 
    • Provide the name and contact information for a reference.
    • Your personal reference might be your Godteens leader, a teacher, priest, Confirmation sponsor, etc. Please ask them if they will serve as a reference for you before you include their name.

Contact the parish office for additional information on scholarships.

After-Event Blog Post

If you receive a scholarship, we ask that you write a page-long (around 500 words) blog post detailing your experience at the event. We can then post your story online for other students and parishioners to read. This way you might help advertise these events for the future and inspire another person to attend.

Diocesan Events

The Diocese of Lincoln offers a whole bunch of youth events and trips. These include the annual summer canoe trip, Steubenville conferences, the March for Life, and more. Check out the diocesan page to the right for upcoming events. 

Check ’em out