How to become a GodParent!

GodParents are a couple that volunteers to lead a group of students from their freshman year of high school up until they graduate.

The goal of the GodParents is to welcome the students into their home and their family in order to give them a sense of belonging.

They will be guiding the teens in their faith journey while being supported by the other GodParents and the parish priests. The GodParents will have 1-2 meetings a semester to foster a community and share experiences.

Although it is a big commitment to welcome a group of high schoolers into a home, it provides the couple and their family with something constant knowing that they get to have another part of the family joining them on Sunday evenings (or whatever day the group decides). If a couple has children, the students will love having them around as much as the children will love seeing them (not to mention that the students will be more than willing to babysit!).

When push comes to shove, the amount of hours they will meet during the year is no more than 40. That’s less than two days!

Please pray about becoming a GodParent! 

Please contactr Fr. Connor with any questions!


What is GodTeens?

Mission: To foster relationships with high school students in a family-like setting with the purpose of helping them grow closer to Christ and become true witnesses to His Church. This will be achieved through authenticity,education, formation, example, challenge, encouragement, and compassion.

The GodTeens program was founded by the diocese as a more personal way to teach high school CCD. Since our parish does not have a high school CCD program, it has morphed into a group that fosters spiritual growth and unity among all of the parish’s high school students. It is a good way to maintain the relationships that students established here in grade school once they have moved on to high school. It is fellowship and friendship as well as religious education. It is beneficial for all high school students, both pubic and parochial!

The program is important because it fosters a sense of belonging for the teens as well as the leaders. It becomes a second family for students that sometimes don’t have the same experiences in their own home.

Once a week*, students meet at the home of a married couple. This couple only takes a group of students in one grade level. They begin with a group of freshman and continue to lead and teach them through their graduation. Meetings normally run from an hour to an hour and a half. Each meeting includes prayer, a lesson, and social time.


GodTeens Registration Form

If you are interested in learning more about the Godteen ministry and what goes into being a Godparent leader, please contact one of the priests for further details.

This is our most important ministry for high school teens, and we need great role models who are willing to lead teens closer to God, Jesus and the Catholic Church throughout their high school experience.