North American Martyrs Sunday Greeters

Purpose of Sunday Greeters

The Sunday greeter(s) at the door of  North American Martyrs’ Church serve two purposes:

The Greeter(s) extends the greeting of Christ to one another and expresses a welcome greeting of basic Christian hospitality.

As a representative of the faith community, the greeter serves to remind us that as we are gathering for the Eucharistic celebration, we are also entering into a community event.

We come as individuals with all of our personal concerns and prayer needs, but we gather together as members of the one Body of Christ, who through Christ our Head offers praise and thanksgiving for God’s saving action.

Being a greeter is not merely to smile and extend a hand of welcome, although that is important enough in itself. It is to remind us all that “church” is not first of all a building or a place; “church” is first a community of faith and our liturgy a holy event.

We are a people called together, summoned to hear the Word of God, an efficacious Word or Redemption, and to respond in grateful Faith to the praise and glory of God. It is a sacred duty and privileged service.

Duties include

Before Mass:

Arrive about 15-20 minutes before Mass begins

Obtain the name card badges from the Sacristy and attach to your clothing so everyone can see your name(s).

Welcome the faithful to worship

During Mass:

Carry the Offertory Gifts up to the Altar

Present the Offertory Gifts to the Celebrant

Please contact the Parish office for additional information.