Martyrs Speaker Series

Cultivating faith by cultivating the mind.

When I was in high school, my youth minister handed me a book. It was a 200 page Q&A about the Catholic faith. I was not much of a reader at the time, but I devoured that book. Though I had been raised Catholic and always had at least the minimum of a faith life, my thinking had mostly been formed by the secular culture, and – if I could have articulated this at the time – I would have considered  faith and reason as opposed to each other. This book marked a turning point. It was the first time I realized that the faith is reasonable. And this intellectual excitement effected something of an excitement in my faith life. 

Throughout my time in seminary, grad school, and my doctoral program, I have become more and more convinced that faith and reason are not opposed but rather mutually enlightening. This is the inspiration behind the Martyrs Speaker Series.

Each month, we’ll have a speaker come and talk on some aspect of the faith. Topics will include philosophy, theology, history, Scripture, and current events. I would like to invite you to come, learn, discuss, and hopefully grow in your faith. 

Mark Hefley

Director of Evangelization and Adult Faith Formation

North American Martyrs Catholic Church


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