6. Q&A

Martyrs Podcast
6. Q&A

In this Q&A session, we have Fr. Wahlmeier and Chance Unger tackling questions on topics ranging from how to teach kids about the Holy Spirit to why God let Job suffer so much. 

1. If God knows things that will happen, does he make them happen?

2. What does the Church teach about cremation and how to care for someone’s ashes?

3. Is there a best way to explain to a child how / why God the Father doesn’t have a father?

4. When and how is it best to teach kids about the Holy Spirit?

5. Does God work through bad people to bring about good?

6. Do you ever pray specifically to the Holy Spirit?

7. What is a moment in your life when you said, “WOW that was the Holy Spirit!”?

8. Why did God let Satan torment Job? 


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October 13, 2022