Event Scholarship Amount
  Quest $20
  Totus Tuss $25
  SKY Camp $30
  TEC $30
  Niobrara Canoe Trip $30
  Marian Camp $50
  Leadership Camp $60
  Steubenville Conference $100
  Mission Trip $50 – $100
  National March for Life $100


The personal information requested is simply your name, phone, grade, school attending and extracurricular activities and clubs you are involved in. High school students are also asked to provide GPA.

When you request a scholarship for any of the events, you are asked to provide a personal reference.

Your personal reference might be your Godteens leader, a teacher, priest, Confirmation sponsor, etc. Please ask them if they will serve as a reference for you before you include their name on the form.

You are also asked to include a short essay introducing yourself and why attending the event is important to you.

Also, scholarship recipients are required to right a page-long journal detailing your experience at the event. This is important so we can post your story online for other students and parishioners to read, so that you might help advertise and evangelize these events for the future.

Contact the parish office for additional information on scholarships.