North American Martyrs UNL and Salt Dog Concession Stand

The UNL and Salt Dog Baseball Concession Stand program provides a unique opportunity for parishioners to contribute some of their time and talent for the purpose of providing debt reduction on the church building fund. For some parishioners, this is a way to meet other people in the parish and to work alongside them in a fun and unique setting.

The rewards of the program include the following elements:

Provides financial reward for helping to reduce the church building debt.

Builds community and provides an opportunity for parishioners to feel connected to the parish.

Provides an opportunity for Pius X students to complete some or all of their required service hours.

The program works as follows: The North American Martyrs group signs up for a certain number of UNL baseball games and Salt Dog games depending on how many volunteers are available to work the concession. It takes a minimum of 10 people per game, with the ideal number of volunteers being 14. Minimum age to volunteer is 16.

The parish receives a flat percentage of sales for each game or activity that is worked. 2005 was a very good year in which North American Martyrs Parish was paid $11,359.00.

Current coordinator is Diana Ketchmark. Call the Parish Office for contact information.