North American Martyrs Parish offers a Scrip program to raise funds in addition to the sacrificial tithing of our parishioners.

What is Scrip?

North American Martyrs purchases actual gift cards or certificates from national and local retailers at a discounted price and then resells them to the members of the parish for full face value.

Our parish profit is the difference, which is between 1.5% and 30% of the face value of the gift card/certificate.

The amount of our discount (our profit) is on the order form envelope, next to the name of the business. If you purchase a grocery gift card for $100, and the percentage is 3%, our profit is $3.


Click here for the current list of vendors Scrip Envelope 11-2020

Over $510,000 has been raised since 1994!

SCRIP profits have financed:

$170,000 for all of the church pews and furnishings,
$100,000 towards the building fund,
$90,000 toward the Youth Ministry Program.

SCRIP also paid for:

The Permanent Church Sign, the new Monstrance, the shed, part of the church parking lot paving, Parish Hall white tables and room dividers, and other Parish Projects.

SCRIP has also contributed $30,000 to several local charities.

Current Goals for Scrip

Raise $45,000 to be divided between:

• Youth Ministry ($15,000)
• Parish Retreats ($2,000)
• Parish Projects ($20,000)
• Various Charity Contributions ($8,000) including St. Gianna House and Religious Orders (School Sisters of Christ the King, Marian Sisters, and Benedictine Sisters)